The Quenby's Botox Experience

Level 1 - "Baby Botox"


This treatment level is popular with people wanting to start conservatively, and with our experienced patients who prefer a very natural look. With "Baby Botox" the goal is to soften expressions and lines without creating a "frozen" or completely smooth appearance.  Great as a preventative treatment as well!

*Usually $200 - $300 for the Upper Face

Level 2 - "Pump the Breaks"


Our most popular treatment level, "Pump the Breaks" significantly reduces movement in the upper face, which noticeably reduces frown lines, crows feet, and forehead lines. We can also fine tune your treatment to include a brow lift and soften "bunny lines" on the sides of the nose.

*Usually $400 - $500 for the Upper Face

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Level 3 - "Full Stop"


This treatment is popular with our patients wanting no movement in the upper face.  We aggressively treat the corrugators (the frown muscles that cause the "11's"), lift brows, smooth around the eyes and relax the frontalis (forehead).  This treatment tends to have the longest and most noticeable results. 

*Usually $500-$800 for the Upper Face

Other Botox Treatment Areas


Botox Neck Lift

Injecting the platysmal bands and necklace lines with Botox can dramatically improve  the appearance of the neck. 

Usually $200-$500 


Turn that Frown upside Down!

For those with inverted or down turned lips, a little Botox to the DAO's and/or  the upper lip can make a big difference!

Usually $ 100-200


Soften the lower face

A little Botox to the chin can soften and smooth the lower face as well as create a longer jawline.  It's a beautiful treatment that is often overlooked. 

Usually $100-$150

Botox for Headaches, TMJ, and Hyperhydrosis

Migraines and Tension Headaches

Many patients experience great relief from headaches with Botox treatments every 2-4 months.

TMJ and Grinding/clenching

Symptoms of TMJ and other dental problems can also be considerably reduced with Botox as well!

Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating)

For patients suffering from excessive sweating Botox to the axilla (underarm) can greatly reduce sweating for 2-3 months.

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